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Calibrate with Adobe Gamma


Do not hesitate to do one or two demagnetizations (dégauss) if you work with a CRT screen.


To calibrate the screen means to regulate it to display "real" colors without one dominant color. With the closure of this procedure, an ICC profile of displaying will be created for your screen. The process calibrate a monitor and calibrate a srceen are similar.


The color of flat panel displays can vary according to angles' of view. Take care to place yourself in the best working conditions during the calibration of these screens. You can calibrate both LCD and CRT displays.


For a good screen calibration, do not hesitate to invest in a colorimeter. A calibration “by eye” will never give as good results as with a dedicated sensor. However, this is better than no calibration at all.



Calibrate the display of your monitor with Adobe Gamma


Having an accurate display on your monitor is essential to use your ICC profiles. A profiled monitor ensures accurate and consistent color throughout the digital workflow. For that, we propose you complete a calibration procedure with Adobe Gamma ®.

At the end of this procedure, an ICC profile for displaying will be created for your screen. This profile will then be automatically in charge when starting your operating system.

Before starting the calibration process of your screen, you will have to adjust the options of displaying.

Leave your monitor on for at least half an hour. If the monitor is not preheated, it may be that it does not show colors correctly. Deactivate the screen saver and the automatic standby mode of the monitor (in display options)..

Propriétés d'affichage

For good calibration, you must modify the background of Windows ® so that no color interferes with your vision during the calibration process :

  • Right click on a empty zone of the desktop

  • Choose Properties in the menu which appears

  • In the tab Parameters, select a minimal value of 16 bits in the field Quality color (choose 24 or 32 if your graphics card allows it)


Propriétés d'affichage 02


  • In the desktop tab, choose any background

  • Click on the arrow located beside menu Color and choose the grey located in the top right


Propriétés d'affichage 03


  • Apply and ok


Adobe Gamma ® is installed automatically and freely with Photoshop Elements ® or Photoshop CS ®. It is accessible from the control panel of Windows ® (menu , start > Control panel).

We strongly advise you to proceed the monitor calibration in natural light, without any direct light shining on your screen.


Once Adobe Gamma ® is launched, select the version step by step. If you have an ICC profile provided by the manufacturer of the monitor (on their Internet site or on a CD-Rom), you can load it now. It will be a good starting point in the calibration process. If not, name your profile and click next.

The screen captures show Mac and PC versions.


Lancement Adobe Gamma



Contrast and luminosity adjustments.

Increase the contrast of your monitor to maximum. Regulate the luminosity so that the square located in the black square is very hardly visible.


Adobe Gamma - Luminausité


For Photoshop ® users we strongly recommend to follow this luminosity adjustment method :

  1. Open a new document of resolution of your screen and fill it with black,

  2. Make a rectangular selection in the middle of 200 to 250 pixels,

  3. Créez un calque de réglages Courbes,

  4. Click on bottom left of the curve to see " In and out "

  5. In " out " put 3 (the selection box is thus clearer by 3 levels of luminosity),

  6. To facilitate the observation of the document, press twice on F then on tab. Your screen must be entirely black except ...

  7. ... that you should just see the rectangle in the middle of the screen (barely visible). If not, increase the luminosity of your screen until you can.


Luminophores and red, green, blue channels.

If you loaded, a profile provided by the manufacturer of your screen at the preceding stage, keep the luminophore indicated. If not, ask your manufacturer the luminophore to be selected at this stage of the calibration process.

The next stage, deactivate the option “Post only one curve gamma”. Both parts of each square must be in one another. If necessary, move away a little from your monitor.

At this stage, we require that the colors of your screen are the most neutral possible.


Adobe Gamma RVB

Adobe Gamma 02


Gamma Adjustment.

Select a gamma value of 2.2 if you work with Windows ® and of 1.8 for mac. Click here for more information on gamma. Depending of you video card, you can select 2.2 if you're working with Mac OS.


White point Adjustment.

For the choice of the white point (i.e. temperature of color), we advise a valor between D55 (5500° K) and D60 (6000° K).Trust your eyes and choose what pleases you, best between 5500 and 6000 K.

Important : if posible, regulate the temperature of the color of your screen to the value chosen in Adobe Gamma ®,or to the nearest value. This option is generally in the menu of the monitor.


Adobe Gamma Point Blanc


Adobe Gamma Nommer le profil


Save and name the file created by Adobe Gamma ®. You can now reactivate your background image and your screen saver.


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