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 Tip !
If you don't know if your printer is a RGB or a CMYK, well it is a RGB [+]
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 Tip !
It is necessary to have as many ICC profiles as types of papers on which you wish to print your images [+]





The printing instructions of the ICC targets, to help you print the targets whatever the type of printer or editing software you use.

Color Control Panel


Windows Color Control Panel : management and configuration of the ICC profiles in  Window XP. 3D preview, comparison between several profiles [+]


Acrobat Reader : to read our printing instructions and our order form. To open pdf format documents.


New ! TrueColors™
White balance cards

TrueColors Card

TrueColors™ card is the best assurance that the digital pictures that you capture will be properly White Balanced.



" Pro Ultra " ICC Targets :

Color RGB ICC Taget - 3360 patchs
Black & White ICC Target - 3360 patchs

" Expert " ICC Targets :

Color RGB ICC Target - 1734 patchs
Black & White ICC Target - 1734 patchs
CMYB ICC Target - 1734 patchs

" Standard " ICC Targets :

Color RGB ICC Target - 510 patchs
CMYB ICC Target - 510 patchs

Others ICC Targets :

Compact Printer ICC Target - 462 patchs
Laser Color Printer Target - 462 patchs


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